Contact Us is group of people who are dedicated to find and produce products that are useful, valuable and good. The items on our products are all tested by us personally before shipping them out. We aim to give all us of better lives by choosing quality products.

After 10 years’ of development, our company have involved in products in various categories such as electronics, clothing, shoes, sports gadgets, and so on. However, we are focusing on selling woman or girl products including dresses, tops, skirts, bags, jewelries, etc. In order to have better experience of the products, we have changed our website to the current theme so that customers can easily see products on homepage without some useless information (product title, rating, description). The products are in showcases of great resolution images with price and like function.

El Contente site is becoming better and better now.
Contact Person: Rose
Address: Room 1004, H Building, Yingfeng Housing Estate, Shuishechong, Wangjiang, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
Working Hours:  8:00  - 18:00,  Monday  to  Friday
Phone:  +86  0769  2688  2262